Update of BfX

Started by admin, April 28, 2010, 12:23:16 AM

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Users of BfX,

Beginning of may I will release an update of BfX.

I worked a bit on BfX_I so that it can cope with more situations. The function also yield info on the quality of each interpolation.

I improved the implementation of the RA4 (small bore, .22LR) drag function. Due to an error, the one currently in use has to much drag arround the sound velocity.

Another function was added to BfX that yields the drag coeficient (drag function) as a function of bullet velocity for G1, G2.... One use for this is that BfX drag coeficients can be checked with others.

Some Excel filles in the download section will be updated to reflect the new functionality.



Well, BfX is updated (since one week)