Ballistic_XLR, Advanced Ballistics Calculation Form, and other super cool stuff.

Started by meccastreisand, May 04, 2014, 04:26:47 PM

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meccastreisand, click the download link.

Ballistic_XLR is free and works in Excel. It is compatible but not integrated with BfX in any way. What I have for you guys is an advanced ballistic calculation form which allows you to take your shot data and your current conditions and to make a calculated adjustment when the conditions vary beyond what your data is set up to support.

Do you lay your ammo in the sun while you take a shot? Wonder why you get vertical stringing?
Do you find that your barrel temperature increasing causes your groups to open up?
Do you shoot in variable winds?
Do you shoot through multiple barometric pressure zones?

The above and other factors are known to cause groups to open up but they're hard to adjust for. Part of the difficulty rests with how small the changes can be but these changes affect you in lots of ways as well. Using a well developed form that isolates each factor and adjusts for it you'll be able to dope the weather much more effectively.

Ballistic_XLR data sheets (and BfX data sheets) and the Ballistic_XLR calculation form and data sheets are available for download, true enough. I can also provide these as printed items that are printed on Revlar WATERPROOF PAPER. This isn't paper made from wood, it's made from plastic and is 100% water PROOF. It's also abrasion resistant and UV and heat resistant and it is 100% impossible to tear it. The Revlar media made by Relyco and is used by the military. I use 7.7mil media which is about as thick as a playing card.

You can purchase a complete kit with your ballistic data and field grade containment and marking supplies in one of my BADEDS kits, or just purchase the data sheets without all the extra goodies in my B-FEDS set. You can also get the full B-FEDS set or a subset of B-FEDS as a gift for donating to the Ballistic_XLR project.

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All of this project is non-profit. It seems the guy that did BfX stepped away from it for a while. While he's dealing with his life and family I'm still around to help out the long range target shooters of the world.