Site problems solved and a new version of BfX

Started by admin, January 03, 2019, 04:16:41 PM

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A happy new year!

I have solved the problems with my servers certificate and now is not regarded as a bogus site anymore. 8) Furthermore I have recompiled bfx, so that the software includes the latest upgrades from Microsoft. I also have upgraded the simulator "what do I shoot today". You find the simulator at the bottom of the download page. The simulator is able to simulate a multi target (at multiple distances) match under various range, wind and wind fluctuations ammunition/gun and shooter accuracies. Helas, depending if you run the 32 or 64 bits version of Excel, one has to change the visual basic code to point to the file locations where the bfx.xll and bfx64.xll can be found. Unless you store them as C:\bfx\bfx.xll or C:\bfx\bfx64.xll.

Personally, I use this spreadsheet a lot. Soon to see how much points I gain in typical Dutch rifle matches at 100 and 300m if I upgrade my barrel to a more accurate one. As I am a quite able shooter with the service rife (3rd in the National Championships 2018 @ 100m, 2nd at 300m) and the competition is fierce, an additional point from the accuracy is welcome.