Measuring barrel friction

Started by mman, February 04, 2013, 08:24:32 PM

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It's been quiet in here for a long time. What you guys think about this method:

Can we assume that barrel friction is independent of pressure and velocity? I think that is one of the main assumptions of this method. If I would have to guess I would say that friction force depends on pressure because pressure pushes projectile against crown.

Linear energy/powder charge curve is not a real proof of constant barrel friction because there is many factors that can change as a function of powder charge weight. The way I see it these factors can actually compensate each others out and linear curve results. But this is not to say that this method would not be good enough to give an approximation of energy lost on barrel friction.


My quietness has to do with an enormous amount of unfinished business, that seems to have no end.

Mman, did you provide the right link?. From fast reading I got the impression that the article was about terminal ballistics...


I didn't, sorry about that. The right link is now corrected on my post.