Update uploaded Feb 2021

Started by admin, February 11, 2021, 08:57:33 PM

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Today I have uploaded a freshly compiled version of BfX.
Furthermore I have added a BfX_Bcs(density of bullet;diameter of bullet) to compute the ballistic coefficient of spherical (round) bullets. These can be used in combination with the GS drag function.
The new version of Getting Started.xls(x) illustrates computations with BfX_Bcs.

E.g the velocity of a .50 inch lead round ball, with muzzle velocity 2012 fps at 100yd: =BfX_Vx("fps";2012;"fps";100;"yd";BfX_Bcs(0,41;"lb/in^3";0,5;"in");"GS") (which would result in 1046 fps)