Ballistic_XLR a modification of the Jackson Rifles Workbook by Meccastreisand

Started by meccastreisand, January 04, 2014, 09:30:10 PM

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Greetings! Long time lurker, first post.

I have created a version of the Jackson Rifles excel workbook for my own purposes which I distribute free to anyone. I'd love to get some feedback from you guys on it, maybe some ideas for features, any bugs you might find, etc... It's meant for beginner to advanced level shooters but stops short of where BfX goes.

There are some tutorial videos (they also show bug fixes and develoments as I make them) on my YouTube channel page:

You can download the workbook for free at

It's not got quite a lot of the 6DoF features that BfX does but is intended for a different crowd.

Short tutorial: Inputs and settings go on Pocket PC Input page, Table10(0) tables show solution data, Ballistics Table <temp> tabs show raw data, other tabs are pretty self explanatory.

LMK what you think. Please be gentle.


Sometimes I wonder what to add to BfX given that there are spreadsheets, like this one, that does so much! Clearly, being able to run on a Pocket PC brings ballistics in the field.


Help my.
Use the LAPUA scenar 167. 500 meters further and get the wrong time almost in 2 times. What am I doing wrong?


svorog1, we need more details.

can you post the spreadsheet so that we understand what you are doing?


Enter the initial data in the figure below.

Get data on 500 meters which are not collected, highlighted in red in the image below


Hey chaps, I haven't been back here in a while. Sorry, been very very busy.

In any case there's a completely new version posted. 1.45.19 which simplifies and condenses the prior version. is still the download link. You should watch my videos as well for complete instructions.

If you put in correct data it should spit out correct solutions but you need to know how to integrate all the numbers and in which order. the new version makes this a lot simpler. You should probably at least glance at TiborasaurusRex's Sniper 101 videos too since I made the thing with his table designs and calc form designs.

If you experienced a bug in a prior version, please try this one and send me a message here or on Youtube or on Twitter (@Ballistic_XLR) and I'll get them dealt with.

The 1.45 branch is a massive upgrade and fixed all the bugs I'd found to date as well as introducing the most advanced version yet. Still free.


Guys, I'm looking to add additional features to the thing. Any suggestions?

svorog: glad that worked for you. If you need any support please ping me on Twitter @Ballistic_XLR .


My latest version should have a full set of features for everyone in it but has a couple bits that I think will really affect you guys in a positive way. I've been scanning the BfX forum for things people were wanting and adding those features I didn't already have solved. I did try out the BfX add in and haven't been able to make big wads of it work on my Mac so my spreadsheet does not utilize BfX_xll, just standard Excel features. DO NOT try to open it with OpenOffice or variants thereof. It won't work and you'll call me names while you frustratedly cast about for a way to make it work.

Of particular value are the brand new Primary and Secondary functions tabs and the new Calc Form. With those 3 bits you can calculate proper solutions for highly complex shooting situations including shooting through different atmospheric condition zones, muzzle velocity variations induced by just about anything, predicting MVV based on weather and all sorts of similar things that complicate traditional ballistics solution calculation. The download link above still works.


Indeed, BfX does not work on a Mac.

In short I will have a look at your work!


since it's you looking here's some useful info about how it works:

Ballistics Table 0 is the master calculation worksheet.
Ballistics Table <temp>_29 are for barometric pressure -1"hg calcs
Pocket PC input is the master input worksheet.
Everything else cascades down from there.


Version 3.0.5 is live. I've added a full metric feature and a tertiary special functions page that gives deltas for -1,-2,-3,+1,+2,+3InHg for wind and drop. 3.0.7 will be out in a few days with more improvements.


Version 6.9 has been posted and is ready for download. It has a new hit probability calculator included. It's still kinda primitive but improvements will be made.