Group and velocity statistics

Started by mman, September 18, 2011, 08:50:30 PM

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My latest project is something that could be called an advanced shooting diary. The idea is to save group and velocity data to electronic archive.
Some pics might be good idea:

This is simplified input table where to one can measure groups size ES, atmospheric conditions, ballistic data etc..

This is advanced input table where to one have to measure X and Y-coordinates (and optionally velocities) for every shot. This makes it possible to calculate standard deviation based dispersion measures like CEP (circular probable error).

It might be a good idea to shoot every shot on different target to make it easier to measure the coordinates. This is true at least for short ranges. The target at the picture is my own design and it works nicely with ImageJ (and my input table) if one wants to measure shot coordinates from scanned image (more accurate method than measuring with calibers). Target center is always the origo.

When input values are okay you get fancy looking report with lots of info.

Finally data can be saved in archive. Archive is pretty handy.. You can search old groups and velocity data with specific filters. You can calculate sums, averages etc....

Anyone interested in trying this send me PM...

Couple of links to similar projects and background information: