BfX stops working when excel file is saved with a new name

Started by mman, July 11, 2011, 07:18:40 PM

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I'm using excel 2007 eng with windows xp pro 32 bit eng.

I don't know If this is a bug or what but when I save workbook as (new name) bfx functions stop working. This does not happen with every excel file where BfX function are used. Also with some files copy - paste file will get same problem to show up.


It is important to know that an add-inn is loaded by Excel it self, it is not part of the file.

1) check  the security settings of the new file, are macro's/addins allowed?
2) check the security settings of the new file location, is it a trusted location?
3) can Excel find the add-inn? to check: create new  blank workbook, type =bfx_help()

These might prohibit the execution of add-ins.

4) Excel contains native the random number generators RAND and RANDBETWEEN
They are volatile functions in Excel (just like BFX_Cell). Everytime a calculation is done somewhere in a workbook, new values of RAND and RANDBETWEEN (and BfX_Cell) are generated Some times this is an advantage. However, if one wants to use the Solver add-in there shouldn't be any volatile functions in the workbook

send me the file if nothing works...


I'm not actually sure what did the trick but it works now. I think it was something to do with security since I added trusted location and it seems that problem is gone. Thanks!